Elspeth - Scottish Harp

My music - Contemporary

now taking commissions...

This is where I am at now and I love composing music for individuals, for events, for performances, art installations, happenings, theatre productions and films.

I have completed a 2 year commission from The Abbotsford Trust (2012) to compose arrangements for 12 ballads taken from a book of manuscript music of Border & Northumbrian ballads written down by Sophia Scott (Sir Walter Scott's eldest daughter) 6 of the ballads I arranged purely as tunes for a loop beneath Sophia's harp in the drawing room & 6 were recorded as sung ballads along with the 6 tunes on a CD -Sophia's Choice. An extremely enjoyable and valuable experience.

If you have an occasion of any size, which you feel could be enhanced by a specially written piece of clarsach music then do contact me for an initial discussion. 

Elspeth with her Scottish Harp